Saturday, June 20, 2020

Scene from the range

Sales are still at the 'week before Christmas' level, on just about everything but especially guns and ammo.

Manager put it today that "If someone is looking for a shotgun with a 18.5" barrel, they're out of luck, and not just here."

Once again, the rainbow of people showing up to buy and shoot would make Pelosi, Watts, Feinstein and Schumer break out in hives.

I'm beat.  More on this later.


slow joe crow said...

This sounds like an opportunity to do like the guy and make some 18.5" shotguns. His shop got some cheap 28" barreled guns and trimmed to size.

Firehand said...

Problem is, I think the gunsmiths are so backed up that that would be WAY down on the 'to do' list.