Friday, June 19, 2020

The BATFEIEIO is at it again,

this time at least one congresscritter is on them for this crap.
For instance, the 13.5-inch length of pull maximum for pistol braces that nobody knew was a thing and led to the prosecution of this guy. Congress is finally doing a deep dive and finding out exactly why we’ve been complaining about the ATF and why we’ve been contacting our representatives about them. They have apparently now seen how this alphabet agency legislates by fiat, creating secret, unpublished rules and then using them to go after law-abiding citizens.

I propose the President sign a Executive Order stating that any agency that prosecutes someone in this manner will have every person involved fired.  Including the agency head if they can be shown to have known about this.  For a start.  Because trying to put someone in jail for violating a law that nobody outside the agency knows about is disgusting.

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Anonymous said...

Well then how exactly do you expect them to make it up as they go?
You mean there should be like a written law, code or rule that just any mere citizen could look up?? Sorry, that might lead to waaay too much freedom.