Monday, June 15, 2020

Scene from the range

"We've got a jam, a bad one."

AR-15, bolt not quite closed, and very stuck.  I got it loose, picked up the round that popped out, and discovered this
Case separation.  It cracked in two a little below the shoulder, the rear was extracted and ejected, then the next round ran into the front.  Heard of this happening, first time I've seen it.


Anonymous said...

In order to keep from dealing with any of the ten thousand known types of AR-15 malfunction's. Stop shooting AR pattern rifles and by reliable guns.--Ray

Firehand said...

Case separations happen in all kinds of rifles. Over the years I've had several cases from bolt rifles that, had I not spotted the sign, would have separated next time used.

And I don't think he'd have taken "Get rid of this AR trash and buy something good" very well.

robert orians said...

I bought some old Egyptian ammo for an older .303 I have just in case . The stuff is so hot it plows when the lead passes through the object of my attention . Splits the case nearly every time . I can cut trees with the stuff .

Sambo said...

Reload or factory ?

John in Philly said...

I was using store bought ammunition in a Colt 1911. One round separated at the the crimping groove.

So far, that's the only time I've seen that happen.
The answer to, "That never happened to me!" Is to tell the person, "You haven't been shooting for a long enough time."

Firehand said...

Robert, wound up with some old Brit .303 from WWII, every round cracked at the neck when fired. Only shot a few, kept the rest.

Sambo, Aguila factory.

John, I've heard it put that "If nothing's ever worn out or broken, you don't shoot enough."

John in Philly said...

Firehand. Much the same advice on negligent/accidental discharge(s).
The good news is that the muzzle was pointed in a safe direction.

Andy said...

Not a thing wrong with the AR pattern. It is no bettr or worse than anything else out there.