Sunday, June 14, 2020

A lot of people who become famous are either so hungry for attention or

so scared of losing fans that they'll crawl and beg forgiveness for- well, just about anything if it upsets someone, somewhere.

Rowling, very famous and rich, isn't one.  She's a leftist, and has signed on to various crap, but she's talked about the insanity that the 'trans' movement is,  got screamed at and threatened and insulted, and said "Screw you, I think I'm right and I'm not shutting up or going away."

Fact that she has not just "Fuck you" money, but "Fuck ALL y'all" money does make it easier for her; she may lose some book sales to lefties(many of whom won't read anything unless it Pushes The Message, so no loss there) but she'll never run short of cash.  And if it came to that she can afford very good lawyers to go after anyone who pushes too far.

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