Thursday, June 11, 2020

I'm going to have to have cataract surgery

Which isn't a big deal nowadays; MUCH faster and less invasive than before.  Just going to be fun having a few days of "Don't live anything heavy, don't bend over," and so forth.

Also, getting a zero-correction lens for that eye so I can see, that'll add in a bit of fun.


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Both my parents have had double cataract surgery. They love the results. My mom only has to wear readers now after decades of astigmatism induced headaches only corrected by glasses. It makes me look forward to the day I get mine. I'm hoping for Heads Up Displays and dynamic focusing lenses by the time that happens.

Dave said...

Had both eyes done about eight years ago. They corrected for astigmatism and I now have wonderful vision. They did one eye at a time and the one major thing I noticed was how yellow the old eye was - looking at a white cloud, the difference was major. How it creeps up on you.

Also, do not know if you will get the same drugs but the stuff they used to anesthetize my eye gave me some fascinating hallucinations. I could see edges of things but not surfaces. Hard to explain but you will (maybe) see what I mean.

Enjoy your new peepers!

Firehand said...

Parents have had both the last few years, and they both were very glad to have done it.

I'm only getting one this time, as the other has a tiny cataract but the doc doesn't want to do the surgery for it until actually needed. We'll see how long it lasts.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you the Best Firehand.