Saturday, June 13, 2020

"Hi, I'd like to come in and look around." Proper answer far as I can tell:

"Do you have a warrant or court order?"  And if the answer is 'no', that should be your answer, too.

Also, the Baltimore County school system seems run by Karen assholes, who I hope the family can sue the ass off of. 
She says the principal initially compared bringing a weapon to a virtual class to bringing a gun to school.

She was also told she could not see the screenshot of her son’s bedroom, because it’s not part of his student record.
Considering they used it as an excuse to sic the cops on him, that's bullshit.

This mess doesn't improve my opinion of the Maryland Stasi, either.


Wilson said...

When I lived there the common sobriquet was "Maryland State Gestapo" and the local agencies all had much more colorful monikers (and, most of them had light brown uniforms....).

The state wasn't given the name Peoples' Republic of Maryland, it earned it.

Anonymous said...

Wilson - you left out part of their 'title' - t is the demokkkratic people's republik pf maryland (capitals purposely left off as they denote respect)
And I still have friends there so I know whereof I speak.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't live in Maryland if my life depended on it. Hopes she sues their asses off.