Friday, June 12, 2020

Ah, the joys of "So what the bleep WILL work in this?" of black powder

There's a lot of 'how much compression?  ANY compression?  Which thickness wad?' and on, and on...

Mike Venturino is an advocate of little or no compression of the powder, mostly just enough to make sure there's no air space.  Lots of other people use LOTS of compression, and everything in between because "It works in this rifle."  Makes some of the finding the right combo for smokeless simple and uncomplicated in comparison.

Last time I shot the .40-65, in the spirit of 'just enough compression to make sure' I tried 55.0 of 2f, which at that overall length meant about 1/16", just enough so you knew there could be no space.  Shot lousy, so that's out.  Tried a couple of groups with 57.0, fair bit more compression, one with large rifle magnum primers, one with large rifle magnum match.  They were better(be it noted it was windy as hell and gusting, which didn't help, but any day at the range, etc.).

Then the group from .45-70 with A5744.  Screw it, I need to try this in the other cartridge, see if it works as well in it.

Right now I'm waiting for the mail; I ordered some Walter's Wads to use in both instead of sitting with a piece of 2x4 and a punch to make them, and I'll use  them in the next loads.  And I need to get some stuff ready for work.  And move some crap out of the way, etc.

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