Wednesday, February 19, 2020

It may just be me, but when I drove away from my old truck

I felt like I was abandoning it.  Or should at least do something formal for a goodbye.


Tractordude said...

It's like passing the torch off to a new owner, now someone else will enjoy your old truck.

Steve said...

I had a 1986 Olds station wagon. Third row seat faced backwards. Got 196,000 miles on it and the master cylinder on the brakes went out. That was the only year they tried some sort of new fangled brake system. Would have cost to repair about twice what the car was worth. Sold it to some dude for about $1000 for parts.
The boys and I watched that dang thing being tow trucked out of our lives. Heh, we all were "having dust in the eyes". They still talk about that car!


Jeffersonian said...

It's not just you. We spend so much of our lives in our cars.

Jess said...

My first truck was a 1063 Chevy, with a 230 in-line six, a rustled up radiator from the trash at a radiator shop, some wire holding things together, and a cat sized hole in the passenger side floorboard I covered with a piece of plywood. I still miss the truck, even if it dripped oil, and I couldn't trust it for any trip over 20 miles. It was the best $300 I ever spent, since it was my ticket out my parent's house.

A.B. Prosper said...

You aren't alone.

Just had to part with an old truck. Beat up, ugly, hard to smog (I'm in Cali alas) rattletrap that needed and got a new home.

Still felt melancholy about the whole thing.