Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The new vehicle did have the manual with it;

the thing is 500 pages due to the size and format.

I'm still reaching for a shift lever at times(probably for some time to come), but I have most of the buttons and functions figured out.

All the stuff that's standard, that not long ago were expensive options...


Witold Pilecki said...

The last few vehicles I have had all had Owners Manuals of 550-750 pages. The service manuals are 4000-12000 pages, and the two I still have and need are in .pdf format. I still have the printed book version for my 2005 Toyota 4Runner if someone wants it, but the vehicle is gone. It is about 4000 pages in three volumes that I paid over $400.00 for.

Firehand said...

With an owners manual this big, I hadn't considered the size of the shop manual. Damn.

Ross in Texas said...

It's OK to reach for the shift lever, just don't hit the brake thinking it's the clutch.

Speaking from experience you only do it once. Really pisses the other drivers off too.