Wednesday, April 03, 2019

To those who want the Brit NHS to come to the US:

Screw you.
Wait times for cancer treatment -- where timeliness can be a matter of life and death -- are also far too lengthy. According to January NHS England data, almost 25% of cancer patients didn't start treatment on time despite an urgent referral by their primary care doctor. That's the worst performance since records began in 2009.

And keep in mind that "on time" for the NHS is already 62 days after referral.

Unsurprisingly, British cancer patients fare worse than those in the United States. Only 81% of breast cancer patients in the United Kingdom live at least five years after diagnosis, compared to 89% in the United States. Just 83% of patients in the United Kingdom live five years after a prostate cancer diagnosis, versus 97% here in America.
Year or two back it was noted that in Canada, if you're diagnosed with cancer and the doc says "You need a MRI/CAT scan soon as possible", that gets you on a waiting list.  It was taking TEN WEEKS for a lot of people to get that scan.  With cancer that's easily the difference between a fairly quick surgery or other treatment, and either drastic treatment or death.

The NHS also routinely denies patients access to treatment. More than half of NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, which plan and commission health services within their local regions, are rationing cataract surgery. They call it a procedure of "limited clinical value."
Many Clinical Commissioning Groups are also rationing hip and knee replacements, glucose monitors for diabetes patients, and hernia surgery by placing the same "limited clinical value" label on them.
"You're only going to be blind/crippled, and you don't need to get around that much, so you don't actually NEED this."  Or something like that.

You want this kind of crap here?  I don't.

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mark leigh said...

I spent 25 years watching Canadians use the Hospital in Bellingham WA because the Canadian healthcare system was slow and rationed. The US is where Canadians who can come to shop because this is where everything is available now.