Sunday, March 31, 2019

Crap like this is why 'hate crime' has come to mean

"What bullshit are we supposed to buy into now?"
One of the bits in this stew of crap:
...Andrew Lucht, a Portland resident who wrote a viral Facebook post releasing names and photos of accused attackers, told me he was not a witness to any attacks and did not know any of the victims. His post had accused the Proud Boys of being involved in murders.

“I’m surprised the post took off the way it did,” Lucht told me. “I heard all of this initially from a friend who was very upset.” That friend is neither a witness or victim, he said. “I believe I heard [about a] murder in one of their messages, but in hindsight, I could be wrong.” Lucht took down his viral post after one of the accused men threatened legal action for libel.
This kind of shit is going to get someone crippled or killed.  And the asshats who cause it are going to feel justified because 'feelings and Resistance!'

Throw in politicians and media who don't give a damn about facts and truth:
The Portland Mercury published multiple stories and printed a claim from a woman who alleged via email that she was the victim of a brutal gay bashing in downtown Portland. (The article does not cite any records and I could find no corroborating evidence that this happened as described.)

When I asked reporter Blair Stenvick what steps she took to independently verify that allegation, she said: “I’m not interested in discussing this with you.” Portland Mercury’s news editor, Alex Zielinski, also declined to comment on my inquiry. The paper’s reports were widely shared and used to legitimize the panic.
Professional Journalism, indeed.

And this kind of crap, children, is why, for so many people,
Wasn't reported to the police, or
The police find zero evidence,
No witnesses(Actual witnesses, not a friend of the 'victim'),
Threats and abuse directed toward anyone who asks questions
Equals "Probably fake, and I'm not believing this shit without evidence.  REAL evidence."


Anonymous said...

"This kind of shit is going to get someone crippled or killed. And the asshats who cause it are going to feel justified because 'feelings and Resistance!'"

That is just it. And that is what it will take to stop it. But it will likely not stop it in time before it gets out of hand. Leftists have no grounding in reality. And so they think that it is all a game. When someone gets killed it cannot and will not be made all better by saying that they really did not mean it. They style themselves the Resistance. Resistance in war is the most dangerous, the bloodiest form of warfare for both sides. No quarter is shown by either side. That is the reality they are playing with, and which they will feel terribly done by when it strikes.

Subotai Bahadur

benerval7 said...

The only way this stuff ends is to sue the crap out of the snowflakes and press for criminal charges on anyone involved.

Firehand said...

It'll help. People lying about others and causing them harm start getting sued for everything they've got will make a start.

And if they're part of a group, and you can show the group was involved... well, those pockets are deeper.