Saturday, May 11, 2019

Tab clearing

Be surprised if that part of the world wasn't haunted.

This. Is. CNN.
As has been noted, if your cause is just, why lie?

EVERY Democrat running for the Oval Office wants to trash the 2nd.

"But I bought an ELECTRIC CAR, why am I being punished?"

No, this doesn't sound suspicious at all...
Arrested for 'illegal manufacture and sale of assault weapons', out the next day on $50k bond?  With no charges filed?

And it wouldn't surprise me to find out the 'manufacturing equipment and tools' were the stuff you could find in most garage/workshop setups lots of people have.

Considering the Evil Party lately, they invited him BECAUSE he hates Jews.  They may have a problem with the hating gays and women who won't do what they're told and so forth, but they'll work around that.

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