Wednesday, May 08, 2019

"Yes, we did, but we don't like to call it 'spying',

so we call it 'surveillance'."
“I was very concerned by his [Bill Barr’s] use of the word spying, which I think is a loaded word,” Shaheen said. “When FBI agents conduct investigations against alleged mobsters, suspected terrorists, other criminals, do you believe they’re engaging in spying when they’re following FBI investigative policies and procedures?”

“Well, that’s not the term I would use,” said Wray.

This is the FBI Director who said 'No, I don't think anything in this reflects badly on the Bureau' when asked about Comey and Sztrok and others breaking laws and rules and procedures.  After all, the Prime Directive is "Protect the Sacred Bureau".

The other day some retired agent said Wray is dedicated to cleaning the place up.  I have my doubts.


Jess said...

Euphemisms to soften the criminal acts of the FBI is not the direction the director should take. Even if he's working hard to clean up the mess, his comments only reinforce the belief the agency is working hard to remove the rights of citizens, control the elections, and ignore laws with punitive actions that destroy lives.

Firing Wray is probably the best action for Trump to take. He's already coming off the rails, and his loyalty to a corrupt agency is preventing him from removing the cancer in the FBI.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of CID back in my military police days - they called forcible rape 'unauthorized entry' in order to save themselves work.
Regardless, IF they had found 'something' to bring down DJT they would certainly have used it.

Anonymous said...

They don't like to be called weasels, either.