Saturday, December 01, 2018

This was a fairly good piece on the 'cops shooting the good guys' problem until

they stepped into this bullshit:
But even as departments assess the incidents – and state authorities investigate more deeply – the killings suggest an uncomfortable truth about the Second Amendment itself, historians say: That it was at least in part designed to give legal leeway to settlers to deal with Native Americans and to stamp out slave rebellions in the South. Echoes of that history still infiltrate the modern gun rights debate.

“The history of this country suggests that the Second Amendment [is] not intended for people like the gentleman in Alabama, which is why he got shot,” says Gerald Horne, author of “The Counter-Revolution of 1776.”
No matter how well and often this crap has been shown to BE crap, they still keep throwing it.  Apparently crap-flinging monkeys have no other activity.

Two things pointed out that really need to be dealt with:
“We now live in a time where there are no longer clear rules of engagement on the street for law enforcement, and where people who try to help often wind up suffering the most – for trying to help,” says Charles Rose, a law professor at Stetson University, in DeLand, Fla.
“As a side effect of the global war on terror, the military is very well-trained in how to deal with noncombatants in volatile situations without having to engage in deadly force,” says Rose, a former US Army judge advocate. “US law enforcement is routinely trained to start with deadly force. Those two mindsets don’t cross-pollinate very well, and I don’t know that it’s law enforcement’s fault.”
On the first part: Why the hell not?"  It's the JOB of the people who run and train departments to have exactly that: clear rules for use of force.

On the second: The hell it's not LEs fault.  If you're training your people to go straight to deadly force that damned well is your fault.  That troops in war zones have better training in this than the supposed-to-be peace officers is a damning fact, and departments with this problem better start dealing with it.  Like they should have a long time ago.

And the next time you find out some training seminar is pushing that 'You're a street warrior' crap, throw them the hell out.  And warn every other agency around.


Anonymous said...

NO law enforcement agency is training their officers to go to deadly force first. None. The resistance/force continuum is trained, reinforced, supervised, and scrutinized constantly. In the vast majority of agencies, EVERY use of force is reported, analyzed, and logged, and woe betide a cop who fails to report it. If you are caught failing to report a use of force, you're gone. Cops are held, in court, to the "objectively reasonable" standard of force used. Cops who violate that face not only criminal punishment, but civil as well. And not just the officer, but the whole department. As a result, agencies defend themselves by rigorously enforcing these rules.

I'm not saying cops don't use excessive force, but it's rare. And cops are punished when it does happen. And they should be.

Sorry for the rant.

Jeffery in Alabama said...

I'm not sure which article you are referring to Firehand. I missed it somewhere. This article

has a great premise regarding such situations, but is riddled with innuendos and bullshit. I totally agree that there is a danger from some LEOs for those who chose to carry a firearm for protection especially in situations such as this, However, the author of this piece is only parroting what has been fed to him by the MSM. We all know their intent when things like this occur is to pit white vs. black vs. police (never let a good crisis go to waste). The truth is the media doesn't know what happened and the author doesn't know. At this point, I believe painting the guy who got shot by the po po as a good guy is a very long stretch. From what I've seen on some of Mr. Bradford's social media posts, I am led to believe Mr. E.J. Bradford is heavily involved in gang activity. It is an established fact that he was drummed out of the Army before finishing Basic Training and given a "general" discharge. It may turn out that he was innocent. We will see Monday when the city of Hoover releases the videos. I think a lot of race baiters (i.e. the "reverend", and I used that term loosely, Jesse Jackson is "preaching" this young man's funeral today at Boutwell Auditorium in typical racial grandstanding style). If E.J. Bradford is proven to be a "didndunuffin"-gangbanger the black community will cry "coverup", an innocent boy was killed by the police because he was black while trying to prevent a "mall shooting". That is all the justification the black community needs to riot, rob, loot, and pillage. If evidence shows the cops jumped the gun and acted unjustly, well, it will be a good excuse to riot, loot, rob, and plunder.

Mad Jack said...

NO law enforcement agency is training their officers to go to deadly force first. by Anonymous, who can't possibly know if this statement is accurate.

Do the police ever use excessive force? Depends on what you mean by excessive, but the real answer is an unquestionable affirmative. Yes, police use excessive force, and yes, they get away with it, or the punishment they receive is far too light.

The real problem is with commercial media, which fails to follow up on an incident of excessive force, and that failure is deliberate.

The second failure by commercial media is that many police officers are absolute saints with the patience of Job. We never see an article detailing their activities and the people they help.