Friday, November 30, 2018

From Lawdog a few years ago on silly-ass laws

The last 40-50 years, though, I get the impression that Emotion has been the major factor in the passing of Law.

Why did we temporarily ban "assault rifles"?

Logically, an "assault rifle" is woefully underpowered compared to a hunting rifle. Hell, some places won't let hunters use 5.56mm to hunt 80 pound deer because it won't kill them reliably.

No. We banned "assault rifles" because some-bloody-idiot got on the TeeVee with her lower lip trembling and started whining about how "scary" black assault rifles looked.

Same thing with switchblades.

A switchblade sucks as a fighting knife compared to a fixed blade knife, but some-bloody-idiot got up in front of the Texas Legislature -- no doubt with a trembling lip -- and started whining about them uppity minorities killin' everbody and Grandma Frickert with switchblades and we're stuck with a silly-assed law.

Emotion is a piss-poor reason for passing laws, and it's about time that someone with some testicular fortitude got into politics and pointed this out.
Throw in that along with the lip-tremblers we have the major-media asshats who've yet to set a 'ban this tool for the Children!' line that they won't run with.


Jess said...

I've wondered how short circuited someone's brain must be to ban what the hoards of invaders will carry, when the entire country is defenseless. If emotions are in play, they'll really dislike the emotions they feel, when they're being loaded into the boxcars.

markm said...

It's been a lot longer than 40-50 years. The first federal marijuana law was passed in 1937 in a wave of emotion whipped up by the newspapers and unemployed Prohibition agents - and that emotion was raw, ugly racism. The Mann Act was passed over a century ago in a spasm of pure, fact-free, logic-free emotion. I doubt that passing the Comstock Act in the 19th Century involved any semblance of reasoning.

Dan said...

Emotion is the tool used by those in charge on the left to fool their brain dead followers into bleating loudly in support of gun control.....and a lot of other
agenda driven efforts. Those ACTUALLY writing and presenting legislation of this
type are NOT driven by the same type of emotions the masses bend their will to.
The leaders on the left are driven by the emotions of greed and lust for power.
While vast numbers of their sycophantic power base actually believe the insanity
that making things illegal makes them unavailable those in power are not that stupid. They fully understand the meaning of the 2nd Amendment, they are well aware
that laws rarely function as advertised and that more government does NOT equal
safety, security or prosperity. The problem is THEY JUST DON'T CARE. To most politicians and virtually ALL leftist politicians ALL that matters is power.

B said...

'Twas them scary spics in West Side Story that caused a ban on switchblades.