Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Oh, the EUnuchs must be frothing at the mouth over this;

well done, Mr. Salvini!
In September, Salvini engineered legislation that eased Italy’s gun laws, de-restricting military small arms and making it possible to Italian citizens to own them.

He is also re-defining the legal definition of legitimate self-defense, making criminal prosecutions of citizens who bravely defend themselves from violent criminals, less likely.
“Defense is always legitimate,” Salvini states audaciously, and adds , “Owning a gun is ‘do-it-yourself’ security.”
And, he is just getting started.
I believe the Czech Republic and one or two other countries basically told the EU to stuff the "The commoners cannot be trusted to own arms" legislation it passed a year or two ago, and now this.  Now if Britain will rediscover what it used to be...


Jeffery in Alabama said...

Italy has had very lax gun laws since WW2. It is my understanding that owning a full auto there is much easier than in the U.S.

Jess said...

Italy, like all of Europe, is now occupied by fanatics that want to destroy their government, and enact Sharia law. That alone is a good enough reason to remove firearm restrictions, and make a strong push to dissuade immigrants that have nothing in common with the citizens.