Tuesday, August 21, 2018

No, being for/against one thing doesn't automatically mean

you're for/against another, at least as far as wanting State power to control it.  Borrowed from Mark Mac Young on Bookface:
How can I be for gay marriage and against "bake the cake"?
How can I be for the legalization of drugs and against public intoxication?
How can I be for rule of law and against so many laws?
How can I be for equality and against special treatment?
How can I be for sexual freedom and against pedophilia?
How can I be for the police and against over enforcement?

Basically three reasons (often in combination)...
1- A bridge too far.
2- The weaponization/abuse by individuals.
3- The profiteering and power grabs by the enforcers.

If life has taught me anything, it's that there's always some who will try to take things further than what everyone else can live with. They are insatiable in this regard. It used to be religion was their weapon of choice. Yet, in the current manifestation, they cloak their madness and destructive behavior under noble causes and 'freedom from oppression' – even as they infringe on others. Like religious fanatics of the past, they abuse functional beliefs and standards by subtly (or not so subtly) twisting the ideas to their own ends.

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Anonymous said...

How can a Pro-Choice individual claim no one has a right to stop them from having an abortion, yet fight for gun control, which is removing another's individuals choice of doing the same. Same thing - leave me to my choices, its none of your business.