Sunday, August 19, 2018

'Punching up' my ass;

it's "Trash anybody we're mad at, and call anyone who objects a racist/misogynist/whatever club may work best."
Every time she viciously insulted an author or a fellow community member, she framed it as bravely speaking out against racism and other injustices. No matter what anyone said, Winterfox found a way to twist it into them being a racist pig and herself being the only one standing up for what’s right. If she could not immediately find anything in a person’s comments to twist and misconstrue, she would simply accuse them of being white. If they responded that they were not white, she would accuse them of being mixed race or no longer living in the country of their ancestors. Only she was an authentic person of color, and only she could judge what was racist and what was not…. 
And the moderators?  Chickenshits all.
The mods … were worried that by telling Winterfox she couldn’t do this stuff anymore, they would be silencing a person of color who had a right to be angry about injustice. They eventually put up an “Insults Policy” post explaining that you couldn’t insult community members for no reason, but that it was okay to “snarkily” call them out for being racist, sexist, etc.
Translation: "She's a nasty, hateful bitch, but if we say that they'll attack US!  Let's let her get away with this crap, it's easier on us that way, and we get to pretend we care about people."

By the way, about her victims who're such nasty racists/bigots/white people:
Mixon also went out of her way to stress that Requires Hate’s claims of “punching up” were belied by her tendency to go after “women, people of color, and other marginalized or vulnerable people” (emphasis in the original). The post even featured pie charts showing that of the definitively identified victims of her cyberbullying, nearly three quarters were women, about 40 percent were “POCs,” and a substantial proportion were “Queer/LGBTQI.” When one commenter expressed annoyance at the suggestion that white, straight, cisgender males were “Acceptable Targets,” Mixon replied, “I do think a case can be made for marginalized people’s right to punch up.”
Chickenshit again.  "Hey, white people, especially straight males, are still legitimate targets.  Because punching up."

Overall: "Racism and bigotry is fine, as long as we're the ones doing it to people we don't like."

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Anonymous said...

If it weren't for double standards, Leftists wouldn't have any.

By the way--to these people, this sort of cognitive dissonance and outright lying is a feature, not a bug.

They're True Believers. They know that the winners are the ones who get to write history. They intend to win, "by any means necessary." Just ask them. They'll tell you without any need for trickery or coercion.

Got ammo?