Wednesday, February 28, 2018

So, Dick's Sporting Goods doesn't just stop selling 'assault-style rifles',

they won't sell standard magazines.  And those evil bump-stocks they never carried anyway.

But that's not enough, oh no:
Screw this place.  I'd bought a few things there in the past, but never again; they don't want to sell something, that's their choice; they decide to make themselves part of the enemy, then they should expect to be treated as such.


Hallofo said...

Eff 'em with a stick. They have an outlet near me and I've browsed them before, but not anymore. It's totally their right to NOT sell something, as you said. It's ALSO their right to align themselves with whatever political agenda they choose. It's MY right to not give them so much as a nickel for that or any other reason!

I doubt this choice will seriously impact Dick's bottom line, all this stunt really does is virtue-signal about how "progressive" they are - it's pure marketing. Either that, or they're pre-preemptively surrendering to the Leftist Hate Mob.

G706 said...

This is no surprise, they have been pro gun control for a long time.

sailorcurt said...

What's funny is, they stopped selling modern sporting rifles (MSRs) in 2012. They then opened their "Field And Stream" subsidiaries in 2013 and started selling MSR's through they were basically hypocrites in the first place. They stopped selling them at a national level so they could "prove" their anti-gun street cred, but then, in select areas where guns in general and MSRs in particular are very popular, opened add-on stores under a new banner that offered them again. They want to make money selling guns, they just don't want their liberal friends to realize that's what they're doing.

So now their field and stream subsidiaries will no longer sell MSR' long do you think it will be before they absorb their field and stream stores into their main Dick's brand (now that there's no real reason to have them) and open a new subsidiary under a different name that sells MSRs again?

I also wonder: Does this mean they're going to turn their current stock of MSR's into plowshares? Or will they sell them? Seems to me that if they really think this style of rifle shouldn't be in the hands of civilians, they'd immediately destroy any they have on hand right?