Thursday, April 06, 2017

"Why do people hate us? We're just doing our jobs!"

Because part of your job is being a thief.

And on top of the theft, and "Screw actual criminals, these people are easier to mess with" attitude,
It is unclear whether structuring forfeiture cases make up a small or large percentage of all IRS forfeitures, because the IRS does not publish that information and denied FOIA requests to make it public.
Let's ask question: who the HELL is the IRS to not provide this information, and to tell FOIA requests "We won't tell you"?

I've asked it before: We're supposed to trust these bastards?  About anything?  Why?

Yale is no longer a university; it's an asylum being operated by inmates.
Yale is being sued for violating the Title IX rights of a male student accused of rape because it first punished him for writing an essay that called rape “an irrational act.”
Because Yale punished Doe even after the allegations against him collapsed, the university discriminated against him because of his sex in violation of Title IX, he argues.
Berkowitz says Yale has “reached a new low in the annals of campus policing of speech” if Doe’s claims are accurate:
Surely no female student would incur criticism, much less censorship or punishment, for providing weighty philosophical authority in support of the proposition that rape is wrong.
If Doe’s story is true, Yale is no longer satisfied in enforcing correct opinions. To utter the correct opinion, Yale also demands that you be the correct sex.

Well, the Rotary Club can kiss my ass.  Get this:
The decision itself, according to the document, was made by RI’s 19-member Board of Directors, four of whom are U.S. citizens, and all of whom were elected by RI’s membership. It acknowledges that RI’s constituent clubs were not involved in the decision, but claims that the board has the “basic responsibilit[y]” for RI’s “name and reputation.” 
I'd bet this involved "You Americans are irrational about guns, and we don't like it!" combined with "Oh yes, things are SO much better in other countries, so we should be more like them!"

Well, when your party bases everything on "Who's the biggest victim we support now?", this crap is what you get.

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