Monday, April 03, 2017

Some tab clearing, some bitching

Since they're following the lead of the Confederate States of America, when do we start referring to NYC, LA, San Francisco and other 'sanctuary cities' as the Confederate Cities?

Speaking of,
"We don't care what crimes they've committed, don't talk to the feds!"

A step toward stopping all the theft under color of law, at least by some federal agencies.
I don't find any mention of flogging for officials who violate this, but it is a step forward.

Oh, I hope so.  Even a small population would be wonderful.

A politician who gets information and actually deals with it?  Amazing!

Translation from OBLM-speak:
"This is what it looks like when a college official with some brains and balls tells us to fuck off."

They still want to claim that bitch Gorelick is innocent of the crap she did.

But it's not racist or discriminatory when they do it.

Translation: "Obama's a chickenshit, but when He does it, it's genius!  Also, I'm an idiot."
"...Sometimes you need to develop a reputation for holding your ground. Libya is a perfect example of that. Syria is a perfect example of that. Afghanistan is a perfect example of that.”
Sorry, had to stop laughing and choking.

So, the Council for the Prevention of Islamophobia is made up of fucking idiots.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali?  A white supremacist?  Really?

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Old 1811 said...

A few comments:
Back when Jamie Gorelick was doing whatever she was doing at the DOJ (I think she was an Assistant Attorney General), I had the distinct displeasure of attending a "working lunch" on the subject of terrorism that she chaired. (My boss hated to leave his office, so he always sent underlings to things like that.) Not only did Ms. Gorelick talk for an hour and not say anything (which was expected), but the "working lunch" was little vegetarian tea sandwiches with toothpicks through them. I've hated her ever since.
And Ayaan Hirsi Ali is one of the most admirable public figures of our time. She flushes more courage down the toilet every morning than the entire Council for the Prevention of Islamophobia will ever see in all its members' collective lifetimes.