Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Let's see... blow off Congress, then lie about why,

then make a really stupid comment to the chairman of the committee...  People like Associate Deputy Director Ronald B. "Ron" Turk are why BATFEIEIO has the rep they do.

And that is not complimentary.

Since being called makers of fake news upsets people like Rosenwald so much, how about we just call them fake reporters?
So to review: Washington Post reporter Mike Rosenwald made an outrageous claim with no basis in reality, mocked everyone who pointed out that his claim was absurd, doubled down on his ignorance, made another outrageous claim to support his original outrageous claim, and then promptly stepped on a rake because he was too lazy to do the simple research he snidely demanded that everyone else do on his behalf.

"There is no truth!  Free speech is a tool of the white heteronormative patriarchy!  And we want the paper punished for not kissing our ass!"

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