Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I'm trying to think of a suitable punishment for the cops and prosecutor

involved in this, and- at least in any non-fatal category- I'm falling short.
The boy, who has autism, is accused of battery of a school employee in Okeechobee County because he kicked a teacher last November. The offense is a third-degree felony. 
Haygood said watching her son be cuffed and put in a law enforcement vehicle “broke her heart.” She said the 10-year-old boy then spent the night at a juvenile facility in Fort Pierce, Florida.
Really, asshats?  This is the best way you could come up with to deal with this?

The sheriff’s office and prosecutors told WWLP that they weren’t aware the 10-year-old had autism, and the state’s attorney said it will be taken into consideration as they look at the case.
Well, isn't that nice?  Howzabout explaining how you made it through these months of investigation without finding out about this?


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Anonymous said... COULD be that parents lie. It COULD be that this lad actually HAS some form of Autism Spectrum Disorder ( which, you might guess from the name, is a sort of "cast the net wide " catch-all which includes mild to wild, so to speak ) and has fought tooth and nail to keep the child "mainstream " to avoid the "stigma" of a diagnosis THAT WOULD AFFORD HIM THE KIND OF CARE FROM WHICH HE WOULD BENEFIT, while always having that same diagnosis to fall back on if the kid should pull something really pretty freaking far from mainstream , as seems to have happened here. that WOULD explain how no one else knew the secret- the simplest explanation is- they were never told.
Either that or the kid really is just an ill mannered brat, and someone pulled that autism line out of the thin blue as a justification. Look for frequent family changes of address in his past, not explainable by Military service or Witness Protection. If untraceable, try to determine how long the kid and family have existed under their current names ( people do not just appear on earth as pre-adolescents- his past should be verifiable )If too many red flags- someone is telling a whopper.