Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Well, crap.

There's a saying I first ran across a couple of years ago, "If you never break your gun, you're not practicing enough."

Apparently I'm practicing enough.  Or close enough.

Which is great, except EVERYBODY is out-of-stock on the part in question.



Anonymous said...

Could you please give us Make, Model, and part in case we have the same weapon, we could know what to expect and order that part now.
While not fool proof, it has been my experience that if your have a spare part on the shelf, you will never need it.

Arthur said...

I want all the nitty gritty details just to be nosey.

Firehand said...

M&P striker broke while dry-firing. Which was a first for me.

Arthur said...

You can make a quicky snap cap by filling the primer pocket of an empty case with hot melt glue.

When it gets beat up you can hit with a lighter and fix it. I suppose for striker fired where you have to rack the slide every shot you could hack the rim off.

Firehand said...

Did some digging, apparently some M&P strikers have broken both with and without caps; the replacement is supposed to be a different steel.

Arthur said...

I've never handled the M&P striker, but the one in my little Kahr P380 is MIM and the design looks delicate enough that I'd never even consider dry firing it, even if Kahr gave its blessing.