Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Windy as hell, with gusts, but if you wait for a calm day… this is Oklahoma, folks, actual ‘calm’ is rare, at least during the day.  And it’s probably good practice, trying to time your shots in the lulls between gusts.

I’ve done some of these with Unique propellant before, but this is some tries with Green Dot.
Anyway, first up was another try with a cat-sneeze* load, in this case the .30-30, 100-grain semi-wadcutter sized to .310”, over 4.0 grains of Green Dot, out of a Model 94 carbine. I was going to get velocity, but between the wind and the range being busier than expected, that'll have to wait.  All groups shot at 50 yards from a bench.

First shot was a way low flyer, then these four.

Second set was over 5.0 grains
As you might expect, another grain of powder gave a noticeably louder report, a touch more recoil(as in 'not quite nonexistent'), and higher point of impact, also a tighter group.  Possibly from getting there faster and being less affected by the wind. 

Then tried something new: also Green Dot, but using the same 150-grain flat-nose bullet, with a gas check, used in full-power loads.  These are noticeably stronger than other light loads, the Lyman manual indicating around 1400fps for this bullet over 8.0 of Green Dot:
The full-power load with these is probably around 1800-2000fps, so much lower point of impact, but I'm not complaining about the group.  Light recoil, not a lot of noise.

Upping that to 8.5 grains, not as good:
The 5th hole was just off the paper low.  With three that tight, I'm inclined to think the two flyers were my fault, and I'll need to try this one again.

In the continuing trial of messing with that .45-70 when possible, these are a couple of light loads: 255-grain semi-wadcutter, intended for .45 Colt.  These things come out of the mold right at .452", which is undersize for .45-70(nominal .457").  So, again, these got a three-wrap paper patch of onionskin, when dry were wiped on the side with a touch of bullet lube and then pushed through a .459" sizing die.  First batch was loaded over 9.0 grains of Green Dot
Not bad at all from a plinking load.  The 'off to the left' is because the sight was off.

Second was the same bullet over 10.0 grains:

Either I was steadier, or this rifle like the 10.0 grain load better.  Recoil is there, but out of a ten-pound rifle it's just a bump. 

I had a couple more of these, so tried them at 100 yards; using the 100-yard setting for full-power, they had the same point of impact in elevation, and a bit to the left(possibly from the wind), about 3" apart.  Looks like this may well be the plinking load for that thing.

I shall now refill my glass of tea, and sit for a bit.

*Lot nicer sounding than 'mouse-fart', isn't it?

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