Saturday, August 27, 2016

Things that really suck to realize

That some day, or night, you'll get that phone call about someone else you care about.

That, barring some real nice discovery, you'll never be in the shape you used to be.

That there seems to be no good balance between 'save for the future' and 'do things now, you can always get more money!'

That no matter the time that passes, some things still hurt.

That no matter the time that passes, some things still piss you off.

That at times you feel like one of the greatest blessings you could have is a real, full nights sleep.

That, even knowing you did what you had to, you still feel like it was a failure.

Yes, I'm having deep thoughts tonight.  And there's no booze.

1 comment:

skybill said...

Hi Firehand,
Noting your last sentence,"And there is no booze." ....Yup, that's a Bitch.... Right before I sat down and started reading your blog....I just fixed a tall Jim Beam and coke with a twist of lime.... So, I'll take up the slack....
Some times it's Jim, sometimes Jack, sometimes Rum and always Beer, especially when "Fishing!!".... Not necessarily in any order ...
As for Tequila, as we usedta' say down in "O.B." (Ocean Beach, a part of Sandyeggo) , "Jose' make you Krazy!!!!!!!!!" And when I lived in Costa Mesa at the "El Ranchito Restaurant" 1600-1900 happy hour and $0.99 Margaritas!!! "Un-blended, on the rocks with salt!!" They were "Nuclear!!!!!!"
Sorry to hear there is "No Booze" tonight.... hopefully that will be remedied soon!!
Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat,