Friday, December 09, 2016

Two from Joe Huffman

Seen in this light, Obama’s greatest regret is one of freedom’s clearest victories. The Second Amendment survived his presidency.


They are not for “gun safety”, else they’d recognize that the NRA has the only truly comprehensive, child-friendly gun safety education program around. They are not against “gun violence”, else they’d be marching in places like Chicago and Baltimore, where the “gun death” rate is orders of magnitude higher than the rest of the nation. They are not against criminals getting guns, else they’d be demanding the prosecute every current straw purchase and NICS denial to the fullest extent of the law. They are not against guns being carried in public (open or concealed), else they’d advocate disarming police and federal agents in the course of their duties as well as average citizens.

None of these describe their real position. If they were honest, they’d just come out and say it: “We’re not against guns, we’re just against you having guns.” That’s a much more accurate description of where they’re coming from.

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