Saturday, December 10, 2016

You want to make a bunch of people happy, Mr. President-elect? Dump the TSA,

and prosecute every one of the molesters, abusers and thieves who used to work there.
A forty-two-year-old mom with breast cancer said she felt ‘violated’ after TSA agents attempted a body cavity search in public at the Los Angeles airport. Her crime? She informed agents she was traveling with a medical cream in her bag, like she had done numerous times before without issue. In order to continue traveling with the cream, she had to suffer a pat down ‘with pressure’, said the agents.

Denise Albert notified TSA of her chemo port in advance. They made her remove her shoes (treatment caused sores on her feet) even though she’s a PreCheck flyer, she removed her wig so they wouldn’t ruin it, and blue-gloved agents insisted on feeling up her port to “clear the area”.
These miserable bastards don't even follow their OWN RULES when they do this crap.
She said as a TSA PreCheck passenger, she was not required to remove her shoes and agents were supposed to ask whether there were any tender areas they should avoid.

Later, when they went through her bags, they joked about finding her fake eyelashes, and Albert told her she had lost all her hair as a result of the cancer treatment.

A supervisor finally intervened and gave Albert a ‘regular soft pat down’ inside a private room.

She said she had ‘never been so humiliated or felt more violated in my life’.

Go read the whole thing.  Breakables alert in effect.


Phelps said...

It's funny how I knew the race of the rule ignoring government thug before I clicked over to see the video.

Tony Tsquared said...

The funniest thing I have seen at the airport was when a TSA agent was "patting down" a mid-80's gentleman. when the TSA agent reached up between the older mans legs, the breaking of wind, with loud trumpeting rang out followed by a standing ovation by the passengers.