Saturday, December 10, 2016

Brian Williams is worried about fake news.

At least, he's worried about fake news he didn't fake.

You might have heard about various state AGs, who tried to use their position to push Globular Warmering crap by attacking Exxon Mobil, being ordered to appear in a Texas court.  Some of them are basically saying "I'm busy, talk to my secretary and make an appointment", and that's not going over well.
Judge Ed Kinkeade did not explain his reasoning, other than to say in a brief response filed today in Northern District Texas court that “after careful consideration” he was denying “all requested relief.”
Exxon Mobil has accused her of moving on the probe for political reasons, and Healey, who has vowed to fight the order, filed a petition with the Fifth Circuit appellate court asking it to intervene and toss out Kinkeade’s demands for her to appear — which she’s slammed as an “abuse of discretion.”
Short version: "How dare you interfere with my schedule and question my actions!  I'm being abused!"

This is the same Healey who decided to rewrite state law on 'assault weapons' all on her own. 

Wonder how much students are paying to attend this dump site for idiots?

Hey, principal, you don't decide what's public space.  Deal with it, you clown.

Short version: "How dare she criticize us!  You need to shut her up!"

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