Friday, December 09, 2016

The craps table is NOT where you leave the dog

while you gamble.  I stand corrected.

So, who's Jill Stein actually working for?
Jill Stein didn’t get the recount she wanted in Michigan, but she did get the state to take vote-integrity issues seriously. Meeting in its lame-duck session, the state House of Representatives passed a tough voter-ID bill that includes $3 million for funding of free state identification and birth certificates after over 18,000 voters cast ballots without identification in the presidential election:

I once read a piece by a lawyer who said he didn't understand why more people didn't demand another opinion on evidence by a independent lab, because there were so many times that he did that and their opinion indicated the testimony was either incorrect or plain crap.  This indicates he was REALLY right.


Marja said...

Totally off topic, but I've seen this video posted on fb a time or two and could you tell your opinion? :

Could that be for real? Everything I have read of suppressors or silencers or whatever they are called says that while they may reduce the noise they just reduce it and never go even close to eliminating it.

Firehand said...

Yes, it could. You're looking at a suppressor built into almost the full length of the barrel; with that much room to work with, it could take the sound of a .22 that low.

Once knew a guy who was working on a suppressor design(he had his FFL and all the paperwork done) for a .22; it was about 1.5" across, I think 8" long, and on a rifle when you fired a subsonic .22 cartridge you could actually hear the firing pin 'click' as it hit the rim, and the thump of the bullet hitting the target; the shot itself was almost nothing.

You get to larger cartridges it gets harder and harder to try to keep them anywhere near that low, but with some of the designs and subsonic ammo, they can be amazingly quiet. Here's a video that was made using a rifle in .300 Blackout with a good can:

Marja said...