Saturday, October 01, 2016

Because freedom of speech only counts

if you say what they want.

And freedom of religion only counts if you do what they want, no matter what.

Plain citizen loses a gun, they lose their shit.  It's stolen, they blame you.  But when they do it...
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, following a request by the Register, assembled a team of nearly two dozen employees to track through thousands of files on gun location and gun assignments. The research found that at least 103 L.A. County Sheriff’s Department guns, ranging from service handguns to shotguns, were lost or stolen over the past five years.

A spokesperson said the agency didn’t previously know how many guns were missing, and hadn’t recently conducted a centralized count of its service handguns. The missing weapons are a tiny portion of the department’s 20,000-gun arsenal.
In recent years, police departments in Oakland and San Jose counted their weapons, and each found more than 300 service firearms had vanished over a six-year period, according to a report from Southern California News Group’s sister publications in the San Francisco Bay area.

From Uncle:
A combination of FBI incompetence, ATF incompetence and state level incompetence lead to people getting guns who should be denied based on background checks: 
So, they’re just not doing their job. And more gun laws will help? Give them more background check violations to not investigate?

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