Sunday, September 25, 2016

I don't care who did the study, when their reaction to "We'd like to see the data"

is to throw fits and accuse people of threatening them, they're telling you there's reasons why they don't want anyone else to see it.

And the reasons generally mean "Our study is crap, and we don't want anyone to prove it."

So the question for Comey still remains "Were you paid-off, blackmailed, or just too chickenshit to do the job?"

'Trust the FBI'.  Right.

This is, bluntly the most stupid fucking thing I've heard in quite a while.  And Mary Brundage, you are a fool, at best.
According to New York Magazine's Jesse Singal, on March 25, 2015, Associate Dean of Students Mary Brundage told student Katerina Klawes who had been sexually assaulted and was seeking counseling "it is important that you refrain from discussing these issues with other students and use the appropriate resources listed below. If you involve other students in suicidal or self-destructive thoughts or actions you will face disciplinary action."

And Klawes wasn't the only one to receive such a warning. As recently as summer orientation 2016, incoming freshmen were told that talking about self-harming was prohibited, according to FIRE.
Order people who may desperately need to talk to others not to; yeah, that's a GREAT idea!

Today I'm coining a new term: effeminists. These are misguided (if not malicious) women who have an agenda to emasculate men and erase masculinity from our culture. They have progressed beyond "feminism" and into "effemininazation" of what historically and culturally had always been sacrosanct: little boys being nurtured and encouraged to develop and grow into well-rounded and healthy men. It was always the job of mothers to makes sure their baby boys left the nest in 18 years and made their way in the world as men they could be proud of.

Not anymore. Some moms seem preoccupied with scoring political points by turning their little boys into little girls and cutting them off from masculinization.

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