Sunday, September 25, 2016

So this shooting was unpossible: the judge had ordered 'No guns' and everything

Not to mention this:
The Seattle Times reported that Skagit County court records show three domestic-violence assault charges against Mr Cetin. The victim was identified as Mr Cetin's stepfather.

The newspaper reports that Mr Cetin was also arrested for drunken driving.

Mr Cetin was told by an Island County District Court judge on December 29 that he was not to possess a firearm, the newspaper reported.
Apparently the fact that he's a muslim immigrant is causing fair amounts of butthurt among some as well.

Speaking of upset,
"Let us do our jobs," said RCMP Sgt. Earl LeBlanc at a news conference on Wednesday, adding residents should not arm themselves "for their own protection or … to protect others."

"We don't want to see people getting hurt."
What if they get hurt because they didn't have arms?  Or doesn't that count?  Especially since a lot of these folks say it takes you half- to a full hour to get to them if there's an emergency call...

"I can reassure you that we actually deal with any situation that comes forward and any person who reports a crime that we will investigate it accordingly," he said.
'Investigate it accordingly'.  Which means after it's happened.  Not exactly comforting.
"We're aware that individuals will carry some firearms out for hunting reasons, or even farming reasons, but what we don't want people to do is to carry them for their own protection or for what they feel that is to protect others," he said.
"You're supposed to let us protect you!  Even when we don't."
He added that guns "must be properly secured, stowed, and used in accordance with the Criminal Code of Canada."
I'm tempted to think "Because it's easier to screw with you than with the actual criminals."


Anonymous said...

There is NO right to SD in Canada. If someone try's to murder you, YOU MUST NOT RESIST or YOU not the attacker will go to prison.

Firehand said...

Sounds like Canada has morphed into (formerly Great)Britain