Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Chances of this happening with the current EffingBI and Dept. of 'Justice':

just about zero.
The public has a right to know how Top Secret/SCI and GAMMA intelligence, some of our country’s most tightly guarded secrets, wound up in Sid Blumenthal’s hands, quickly. It’s unpleasant to besmirch the dead, but if Tyler Drumheller was the source of this purloined NSA information, we need to establish that—including where he got it from. And if Blumenthal’s conduit here wasn’t Drumheller, then who was it?
This is important because if Hillary Clinton becomes our next president—which at this point looks more likely than not—we can be certain that her trusty sidekick Sid Blumenthal will have an important role in her White House, no matter what his ostensible job title may be. The American public needs to know the full truth about EmailGate, especially regarding its compromise of highly classified information, before our fast-approaching election.

About that wedding-cake story,
Phillips’ dad had helped liberate Buchenwald from the Nazis in 1945. He’s not around anymore, though you imagine he’d probably have some fascinating thoughts about a government official who compares the extermination of six million people with a couple being slightly inconvenienced in procuring a specialty wedding cake.

Like any self-righteous zealot, Rice functions without concern for the practical implications of her power. In a rational world, her nonsensical haranguing would be dismissed as the ravings of an ignorant freshman who was cracking open Chomsky for the first time. In this world, Rice is appointed by the governor to mete out punishment on once free men.
Ah, but if you're the right type of person being inconvenienced, it becomes a State Crime.  'More equal than others' and all that.

The bad guys say they've smuggled lots of operatives in to carry out terrorist attacks.
Anyone surprised by this is a fool.

Such wonderful people we've let in.

An asteroid will pass extremely near our planet today.

The 32ft (10 metre) long asteroid will pass by at a distance of one tenth of the distance between Earth and the moon.

This close encounter will be followed by a much larger asteroid, 200ft (61 metres) long, that is set to pass us by in just a few days.

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