Tuesday, September 06, 2016

A quick "Well, that worked"

Tried a couple of light loads in 7.62x54r.  Both these are 6.0 grains of Green Dot, the bullets sized to .311" and lubed with this mix*, and the rear sight set for 450 meters, distance 50 yards.

Added: late summer, lots of people showing up to sight-in for deer or whatever; between busy and the wind, no chrony readings.

First, 100gr. semi-wadcutter, seated to just over the lube groove with just enough crimp to remove the flare from the case mouth

Not bad at all, especially with the wind today.

Lee 100gr. wadcutter, seated to the third lube groove(it's their tumble-lube design, lots of small grooves)
that one kind of amazed me.  I'm going to try both again, both to see if the wadcutters will do it again and if the SWC will tighten up a bit(that vertical spread may be my fault).

*Why that mix?  Lee Liquid Alox works, but it almost never completely dries, it always seems a touch sticky.  This mix does dry completely.

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