Monday, July 04, 2016

You Owe Them Nothing

is the name of the article, and it pretty much covers it.

'It' being something I've watched build, and it kind of terrifies me what's going to happen, barring a BIG change.

Short version I've said before: "If they- the politicians, the bureaucrats, the law enforcement agencies- don't have to obey they law, why should we?"

Respect tax laws?  The laws that are such a mess the IRS can't guarantee giving you the right advice, and takes no responsibility when they get it wrong?  The laws that politicians break, and get special deals from the IRS on?

Speaking of the IRS, which has officials breaking federal laws for personal and political reasons, and they get away with it?

The EPA?  Lying under oath, false documents, committing acts like the Gold King Mine disaster, and the people in charge pay no price?

The FBI?  NSA?  Who violate laws, and if anything is done we never hear about it?

The 'Justice' Department?  Let's recap: the former AG lied under oath, submitted false documents, has his agency investigate him and say 'No problem' after he was involved in ATF actions that violated international borders and helped result in piles of bodies.  Worked to cause as much racial strife and division as possible.  DoJ lawyers who break federal laws, and get away with it, over and over.

And let's not forget the current AG: just to pick one, a meeting with the husband of the subject of criminal investigations, and a possible subject himself, and she lies about it, and won't even recuse herself from the case?

State Department?  You mean the people lying to a federal judge and playing games, and so far the worst they've had is being told to knock it off(again)?  The people who were involved in that godawful mess in the mid-East that's created piles of bodies Stalin would envy?

How many cops have been caught screwing with evidence, and lying under oath?  Abusing prisoners?  What amounts to murder in some cases?  Acting like they're freaking Judge Dredd?  And in all that, how many face real penalties? 
(Yes, I know, local cops are in many ways paragons of virtue compared the the previous groups, yet that doesn't mean anywhere near spotless.  Every cop who won't report a crooked one, or testify against one, etc., just screws their own reputation even worse. 
Of course, they're also dealing with their own brass, many of whom would screw every officer in the field if it'd gain them points with whatever politician they think can do them the most good.)

Sooner or later some politician, or let's say the Director of the EffingBI, is going to be on some interview and is going to say something about 'everyone must obey the law' and the interviewer is going to ask "Why?", and not back off on it.  And a lot of people listening will say "Damn right, if you bastards don't have to, why should we?" 
Make that 'a scary lot of people'.

Assuming the interviewer actually pushes for an answer, and lists a bunch of this stuff, the answer will be interesting.  If all they can say is "Because if you don't obey, we'll come after you", well, it'll remove all doubt, won't it?

Yes, this is depressing.  I'm hot, and tired, and sick of all this crap.  And I doubt the idiots in charge have the brains to realize what they're about to cause.

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