Saturday, July 09, 2016

The temptation to push the "Screw it all" button

is strong.  On one side you've got the 'Cops are wonderful, and if you don't agree it means you want them DEAD!' clowns, and on the other 'Cops are racist control freaks, and if you don't agree it means YOU'RE A RACIST!' idiots.

The first tells you "Do whatever the cop says, no matter what, and you'll be fine!"  Which is bullshit, because there are things cops tell people that just about require a citizen to say "No, sir.  That's not right."  But if you do, these clowns insist you're helping destroy society.

The second wants a war.  They want dead cops because "Justice for past wrongs!", etc.  Like killing a cop who had nothing to do with the past wrongs is going to help, other than making the clowns feel virtuous.

The politicians... the control freaks of both parties want to use all this to make new laws about what we're allowed to do, and say; the (mostly) Democrats desperately want to use it to damage the 2nd Amendment, and they're quite willing to destroy that troublesome Due Process thing to accomplish it.

A flat-out terrorist attack aimed at white cops in Dallas, and some other attacks in other places: the idiots want to make attacking a cop a hate crime(because that always helps, right?*), and the clowns are thanking the assholes for making things even more nasty.  Because 'justice', or something.

Personally, that poster “What if I told you that you can be against cops murdering citizens and citizens murdering cops at the same time?” covers it nicely.  But the idiots and clowns don't want to hear it, won't believe it, and don't want anyone else to, either.

Over on Facebook, author named Brad Torgersen wrote this:
I don't know how you fix the white-cops-vs-blacks-vs-white-cops-vs-blacks thing.

For one hundred years, the white cops have seen the worst from America's black gang-bangers, hoodlums, and thugs, and for one hundred years, the black population has seen the worst from America's white, racist, hair-trigger, pink-faced, rage-roid police.

Naturally, everyone is innocent.

Naturally, everyone also has a perfect excuse.

It doesn't shock me that black snipers are now picking off white cops. They believe they have nothing left to lose.

It also doesn't surprise me that white cops assume every young black guy on the street, is a potential source of crime, and imminent danger.

Each population has taught the other to fear and hate them. Most of the time, the police have a tacit fraternity which will try to protect them from repercussions. This has taught the black population that the only justice they will get, is justice they dispense themselves.

Thus, everyone is also GUILTY.

And nobody, no matter who they are, should get an excuse.

It's a vicious, wicked brew we've got here. And it takes a lot of innocent lives every year. With good police and citizens trying so hard to do good, but not getting the benefit of the doubt, thus perpetuating the suspicion, the anger, and the propensity to "solve" things outside the law.

There's such a mess of stuff involved in all this(don't forget the schools; the bastards who've screwed up education in this country should be publicly whipped and then shot, the damage they've done is incredible and right in the middle of this mess), and unlike Sarah Hoyt I do have times I wonder if it CAN be fixed.  Too many people who don't care about actual results, only about living their ideology, pushing to destroy the Republic in the name of the socialist heaven that's always around the corner, but never reached, no matter how much ruin they create.

No, I don't have a damned solution.  I'm just yelling because I've got aches causing problems, I'm tired, and I'm sick to death of a bunch of people and the crap they push.

*It's an attempt to make the left live up to its own rules, but it's just as much crap as when the left pulls it.

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Phelps said...

When the world is set on settling scores, why should you let the debts owed you just sit there uncollected?