Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Well, it's a tire problem,

not front-end.  Which is good.  When I say 'tire problem',
You might be able to see that the face is just a tad uneven.  Tire place took one look, got the information, and ordered a replacement(apparently it's a popular tire, they were out).

Remember that bomb/mine/'experimental firework' the guy stepped on in New York City?  I doubt they can count this as a 'firework'.
LA PORTE COUNTY, Ind. - An IED that was found along a road in La Porte County has been detonated in an open field.
The explosives appeared to be in jelly form inside two mason jars, with two strings inside leading to the outside of the jars.
According to Captain Mike Kellems with the La Porte County Sheriff's Office, a resident was cleaning up trash from the side of the road and found something she believed may have been a homemade firework.

She took it home, but then became concerned, so around 1:45 p.m. she called the sheriff's office.

When deputies arrived and inspected the device, they discovered it was more consistent with an IED.
Wonder how big the blast was?

Well, the EffingBI director just announced that Clinton got away with it.  Shit that would put you or I in prison, she walks.  Couple of days after the 'accidental' meeting of the AG with Bill Clinton.  But we're supposed to believe there's nothing unethical, no fix, etc.


All the people who lectured on how no-nonsense, just-the-facts-and-law Comey is?  Screw you.

Oh, by the way, about that trustworthy EffingBI(besides the lab scandals and so forth),
The FBI provided an Oklahoma City police department with use of a StingRay device and required the police department “to use additional and independent investigative means and methods” in order to ensure the information obtained by the surveillance device “would be admissible at trial,” according to a non-disclosure agreement obtained by Oklahoma Watch through a Freedom of Information request.
This version of the StingRay NDA version “goes the extra mile in directing affirmative measures to mislead and hide the investigative trail,” said Nathan Freed Wessler, staff attorney with the ACLU's Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project, in speaking with SCMagazine.com.

ATF tells agents to lie under oath and say the NFA records are complete and accurate, and get away with it, you expect ethics from the EffingBI?


Arthur said...

Was the entire circumference of the tire lopsided like that or just one spot on the tread?

Firehand said...

Interestingly, two spots, 180 degrees apart but on the same side. Tire place took one look and set up the order for a replacement

0007 said...

Comey will now go back to his primary job, sucking off the alien in the wh.
And now we know there are _NO_ .gov agencies or employees that can be trusted. Different laws for them in whore-town than for those out in the world whose income is taken to support their lifestyle.

Here's a thought; the next time you are stopped for speeding, tell the oinker that you didn't intend to be speeding. See how that works.

If I sound a little bitter it's probably because I worked for State in the Bureau of Dip. Sec., and _every year_ we had to complete on-line courses about security issues. If I had gotten caught putting _ONE_ class'd report on a non-State operated computer, I'd be writing this by hand on Leavenworth supplied stationary.
And as for that crap about no similar cases like this one, that worthless fu** should have asked the many who are in jail for doing things not near as damaging to the security of the country.

OTOH, I read somewhere that Snowden is going to start posting the bitch's hacked emails, let the fun begin.

Firehand said...

I've seen a lot of similar comments from people who, military or other, handled classified stuff: "If I'd done a tiny fraction of what she has, I'd still be in prison."

Wonder what Comey's payoff was? And I hope he chokes on it.