Friday, July 29, 2016

Well, Officer, when your '11 years of training and experience' cause you do do this,

then they're not worth squat, are they?

Wonder how much this crap is likely to cost the taxpayers(because damages won't come out of the cop's pocket, oh no)?

This would be moving these fish back into part of their original range, and they'll eat the carp, so go for it.  Rabbits to Australia this is not.

Sooner or later the French and Germans are going to get tired of this crap and tell their leaders to actually do something.  Or throw the bastards out and put someone in who will.  And it's going to get interesting.
Nudists were told they would be 'exterminated' after a gang of Muslims who stormed into a German swimming pool yelling 'Allahu Akbar'.

The six men, described as being in their 20s and with beards, spat at women and children because they were swimming in the nude and called all the females 'sluts'.

The revelers were at a pool in the town of Geldern in the North Rhine-Westphalia region, known for its preference for natural form of swimming.

Clinton is now saying "I don't want to take your guns, I just want common-sense reforms!"  Yeah, you can trust that coming from the same one who said
“We’ve got to go after this. And here again, the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment. And I am going to make that case every chance I get.”
Later that same month, Clinton pointed to Australia as a “good example” of how to deal with gun violence after being asked about the country’s policies by an attendee. She went on to say a mandatory buyback program is something that should be considered in the United States.
She's talking about CONFISCATION, while paying a few dollars to say "We're not just seizing your property, so shut up."

But now she doesn't want to take your guns.  Right.

One more "More guns means MORE MASS SHOOTING!" study.  And the author refuses to share data, or even just how he collected his data.

Know what that means?  It means Adam Lankford and his study are full of shit.

So it could be a solar minimum combined with some other downturn factors; what's, say, Scotland going to do when the windmills don't cut it and they can't buy enough nuclear-generated power from France because they're using it to keep their own citizens from freezing?

Get this:
There seems to be a strong possibility of a shortfall in UK energy supply in the coming years, and this reflects a pattern over much of Europe. A report from the UK Institute of Mechanical Engineers noted that it is UK government policy to close all remaining coal-fired generating capacity by 2025. They conclude that “…The loss of coal by 2025, along with growth in demand and the closure of the majority of our nuclear power stations will therefore be significant, leaving a potential supply gap of 40%–55%, depending on wind levels….” And “…we have neither the time, resources, nor the sufficient [Sic] number of skilled people to build enough CCGTs [Combined Cycle Gas Turbines] to plug this gap…”
This is critical.  And scary.  They're saying not only not enough time, but not enough people with the skills to build the stuff they'll need if there is a temp downturn.

More of Heinlein's 'bad luck', I guess.

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