Sunday, July 24, 2016

I'm guessing Kaine didn't run his talking points past Clinton

The one I'm speaking of, as he plays " 'Well-regulated' in the 2nd Amendment means we can ban all kinds of things":
“I can’t take classified information I get as a senator and give it to somebody with no consequence. Freedom of speech has reasonable limits.”
Bleeping Krishna on a trampoline...

If you have any doubts, the rest of this will relieve them: he wants to ban 'assault weapons', restrict what size magazine you can use, hold stores responsible if someone commits a crime with a gun, the whole works.

Screw these bastards.

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Anonymous said...

I read and chat with 20 something's on a music forum. One is an openly devout communist and the rest are utterly far left university zombies. I find it AMAZING how clueless they are about the "issues" they advocate. ALL of them are anti-gun. But know nothing about guns. All of them are anti-military. But know nothing about the military. In fact not one of them can do anything but parrot the 1960's hippiebabble of the professors that run the education systems. This is also as far as I can tell a GLOBAL phenomenon with 20 something's world wide being brainwashed with the same tired hippiespeak I listened too in the 1970's when the same professors were grad students.---Ray