Friday, June 24, 2016

Let's say it's not the best of evenings

Besides the heat and so forth, daughter hired a company to paint her house; they did a bad job, damages some of the plants, left a pile of trash in the yard, didn't put some of the screens back up.  And when she complained to the owner, he got downright nasty.

So on Monday she's contacting the Better Business Bureau, and anyone else she can think of.  AG's office consumer affairs, etc.

This is such bullshit.  You'd think, the economy being as it is, a company would want the customers to be happy with their work, not telling everyone they know(and in these internet days, that's a LOT of people) what a crappy job they did.


BW Bandy said...

Post on Facebook groups. The word will quickly get out.

Firehand said...

Did put a post up. And I hope so.