Monday, June 20, 2016

I am not an expert, nor do I blog as one;

That does not prevent me from reading this and thinking "Sweet bleepin' Krishna on a pogo stick!"
Parts that really jump out:
We also know that two patrol/SWAT cops arrived on scene about a minute after the special duty officer called for assistance.  It appears that they (correctly) made entry and engaged the killer as well.  The officers’ quick entry caused the gunman to retreat to the bathroom with hostages.  At some point in time the first two officers on the scene left the building.  I think that was a huge mistake.
Think maybe?
When the cops left, that gave the killer an opportunity to leave his shelter, kill 29 people in the other bathroom, and finish up some of the wounded on the dance floor.  He couldn’t have done that so easily if the cops had held their initial positions.
Yes, I know, "We don't know everything", etc.  This still sounds bloody awful.

This article clearly describes how the cops were on scene and just outside the door as the killer was still actively firing shots.  Not good.  The cops should have made immediate entry rather than waiting three hours.  Undoubtedly, many of the casualties bled to death during that three hour delay.  Making entry, while dangerous, is a much better option than letting innocent victims die.
Sounds something like Columbine, doesn't it?

Side note: someone shows that idiot "It took 11 of THESE guys to take him down, your gun wouldn't have helped" poster, send them this.  And ask if a gun in the hand just might have done some good while the cops were outside.

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