Friday, June 24, 2016

Being old-fashioned in some ways, I find myself leaning towards anthills and honey

for the miserable excuses for lawmen involved in this.  Though I am open to other suggestions.  For instance, should the doctor also get an anthill, or a probe involving an old, splintery shovel handle?
According to the complaint, after presenting her identity documents, an unidentified CBP agent accused Cervantes of possessing illegal drugs, which she denied. She was ordered to proceed to a detention room, where she was handcuffed to a chair. There, she was sniffed by a dog (in violation of CBP policy) and was taken to another room where she was ordered to squat so that female officers could visually inspect her.

Unsatisfied that they had not found the drugs, the agents escalated their search. CBP Agent Shameka Leggett then filled out an Immigration Health Services’ form, known as a Treatment Authorization Request (TAR), describing Cervantes as being "diagnosed" as an apparent "potential internal carrier of foreign substance." The agent recommended that she be X-rayed at a hospital.
Don't worry, it gets worse.
Without obtaining a knowing or willful consent, or obtaining an accurate detailed medical history, agents/servants/employees of Holy Cross, including Dr. [Patrick] Martinez, searched Ashley for contraband.
The Holy Cross records from Ashley’s time at the facility include a number of factual inaccuracies, including inaccurately setting out that Ashley was accompanied by her mother and arrived in a private vehicle. In reality, Ashley was transported in a CBP vehicle. Her handcuffs were not removed until she changed into a hospital gown for the alleged purpose of undergoing an X-Ray.
Ashley was never X-rayed, despite that being the only "course of treatment" authorized by the TAR.
That an audience of CBP Agents and Holy Cross staff observed her being probed compounded her feeling of degradation. No drugs were found inside Ashley, who was then discharged from Holy Cross and transported, by CBP, back to the Port of Entry.
And, just to add to this pile of crap,
The Arizona Capitol Times quoted Marchetti as saying that her parents were also served with a $575 hospital bill.
Like what happened with that guy raped by the cops in New Mexico.  Isn't that just the thing to add some oxidizer to the mix?

The Border Patrol: they can't effectively stop illegals from crossing, but they can rape girls on bullshit charges.

And I hope that doctor loses his license, and all the idiots who helped him, at the least.

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