Sunday, June 19, 2016

If this is correct, that company

screwed the pooch bigtime.
A doctor who is listed on the psychological evaluation for Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, said she did not see him and she was not even living in Florida at the time when G4S security firm ordered the evaluation. 

Psychologist, Dr Carol Nudelman, who now lives in Colorado, said in a statement released through her attorneys to the Miami Herald that she never evaluated Mateen nine years ago for G4S, a security firm that was known as Wackenhut at the time.

Yeah, that messy 'due process' stuff doesn't seem to have a lot of fans among Democrats.  At least when it comes to guns.
People whose names appear on a federal terror watch list or no-fly list shouldn't be presumed "innocent until proven guilty" for purposes of buying a firearm, according to Democratic lawmakers.

"I don't think that innocent until proven guilty is the standard that applies here," Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., told the Washington Examiner. "We're talking about owning a gun, not being convicted of a crime."
Wonderful, isn't it?
"If you're going to say that every one on the watch list has to be adjudicated onto the watch list, you won't have a watch list," he told the Examiner. "[Feinstein] specifies two legal avenues to protest your name being included ... It certainly gives due process."
AFTER, at some point, you find out you're on the secret list.


On a happier subject,
Experiment with sourdough.  Yep, it's good.

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