Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Got that? Opening a theme park in a country where gay people can be executed is totally fine,

but hey, let’s not make a movie in Georgia!

You're lucky, dumbass; one of the standard methods of dealing with a screaming spoiled brat is to remove them from the room; they let you demonstrate just what a jackass you are.
And your screechy little friends, too.

Remember when we were told that snow in Britain would not be seen again because of globular warmening?

Temperatures will stay well below average for the time of year with nighttime lows dipping to -5C (23F) in parts.

Arctic gales will make it feel close to -10C (14F) in exposed regions threatening to topple the record low of -9.4C (15F) set in May 1941.

Marathon runners battled chilly winds and icy showers today as wintry weather dampened spirits in the capital.

Don't have the full approved views?  Disagree with any of the Required Beliefs?  The left will try to destroy you.  Just in case you hadn't noticed in all the other cases.

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Keith said...

Come back global warming, all is forgiven.

We've had snow on and off for the last fortnight. I tends not to settle much below about 1200 feet, but it's still cold.

There were a couple of broods of ducklings on the dam today, but I don't have much hope for them. I'm pals with the fishing bailiff, and we didn't see a single duckling survive last year, due to the lack of insects in the cold spring and summer. grass growth was poor too.