Friday, March 18, 2016

Something else not to forget about Fast & Furious:

Hundreds of people, including elected officials, law enforcement officers, and even children have been murdered with guns smuggled over the border in Fast and Furious, one of up to ten gun-walking operations being carried out in border states from California to Florida, supplying 20,000 guns to narco-terrorists at precisely the same time that President Barack Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were pushing the infamous 90-Percent Lie in an effort to manufacture an excuse to ban certain firearms.
And NOBODY responsible has been punished.  But we can trust the .gov to police itself, sure.

There was a bill to reform the asset-forfeiture mess(I still think 'Theft Under Color Of Law' is the proper name for it), and Sen. Anthony Sykes refused to let it be heard in the Judiciary Committee; now we know why:
Capitol insiders told Red Dirt Report Sykes refused to hear the civil asset forfeiture bill because he wants to befriend law enforcement officials and collect their support for a run at the state Attorney General’s position in 2018.
Gee, isn't that wonderful?  "Screw people being screwed out of their property, I want to be Attorney General, and the cops using this can help me!"

So he dodges other legislators, and dodges reporters, and tries to hide himself and what he's doing; just the kind of  clown we need as a AG, right?

 Anybody surprised the State Department would try to protect their fellow diplomats from being embarrassed by people finding out the crap they're doing?

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