Saturday, March 19, 2016

It sucks.

While back, neighbor who can't deal with it had some good-sized limbs come down in the ice storm.  So, in better weather, I went over with the puzzle and cut the stuff from 3" up to suitable size, and stacked it.  Planned to get more.

Then the weather went south for a while.  Then I fell on the knee.  Finally the weather was decent, so took the pole saw and the puzzle over, took some damaged limbs down, cut them up and added to the stack

Yesterday friend was finally able to get by and we filled the back of her Explorer.  This morning she made it back and we did it again, which took about 3/4 of what was cut.  Later I went back over and cut up more of the downed stuff, and stacked a bunch of the smaller stuff out of the way.

Not that much actual labor, right?  Tell that to the body; I'm dragging like I'd been chased around a workout track by a maniac with a club all day.

Yes, getting old sucks.  In multiple ways.

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