Sunday, March 13, 2016

Jerry the Geek reminded me of this crap

the PROM tried to pass a few years ago; same kind of crap pops up again every so often from the control freaks:
This legislation would require ammunition manufacturers to engrave a serial number on “the base of the bullet and the inside of the cartridge casing of each round” of ammunition for popular sporting caliber center-fire rifles, all center-fire pistols, all .22 rimfire rifles and pistols, and all 12 gauge shotguns.

This “Encoded Ammunition” legislation essentially amounts to bullet and cartridge case registration. If enacted, it would mean forfeiture of currently owned ammunition; a separate registration for every box of new ammunition; outrageously expensive ammunition costs for police and private citizens alike; and a waste of taxpayer money that could be better spent on effective police programs.

Remember, when you boil it down this crap is never really about crime or 'effective police programs': it's about control.

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Thanks for the hat-tip. Now I have FOUR readers.

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