Sunday, January 17, 2016

What happens when the lawyers and the workplace-safety weenies

try to run the military.
British soldiers have been banned from firing mortars at full range in training by health and safety bosses - because they are too loud.

The longer-range 81mm mortar, which was routinely employed by the British Army against the Taliban, is set to see reduced use in training after it was deemed a risk to the hearing of troops.
Soldiers have now been ordered to employ a reduced charge to cut down the level of noise, meaning they can only practise up to a range of 2,000 metres.
Better hearing protection in training, maybe?  No, easier to keep them from learning how to use it at full range.

But the border is secure!  Napolitano and Obama said so!

Yes, the left really wants to control the language.  Yes, they would like the words 'gun control' to always be rendered as 'gun safety', because the actual term gives away what they're really after.

And no, you can't call yourself both a liberal and a progressive; an actual liberal is not what these clowns like to claim.

"Do not put out a description of a suspect that includes their appearance, possible origin, or anything else useful, it might be seen as racist."
This is stupid on a level hard to describe.  And it's feeding right in to "The government would rather be PC than actually protect us from criminals.  So screw the government."

So Sanders is playing "Maybe this'll buy me a few more votes" by throwing firearms manufacturers over the side.  Which would lead to "If we can sue them, why can't we sue Ford over drunk drivers?"

And, just on a general 'what might make Russians nervous' heading,

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