Saturday, January 23, 2016

I've got an answer to this:

Start throwing people in jail when they violate orders like this, and go from there.  Probably make a world of difference.

And once again: if the IRS and ATF and other feds can break the law and ignore orders from a judge this way, why should we obey the law?

Yes, sue their ass off.  Just maybe THAT will get the attention of the PC-brained idiots in charge.
And somebody go to the Dept. of Education and start beating people with clubs; those clowns are right in the middle of all this crap.

Yeah, this'll go over well in Germany.  Anywhere else in Europe, for that matter.
There's got to be a bunch of people who actually want to integrate into their new country wishing these idiots would shut up.  Or go away.  Or stop breathing.

I shall now attempt to catch up on some of the house stuff that's fallen behind.  Assuming I don't get lost in the mess, I Shall Return.

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